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Commercial space in Croatia

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Useful to know when you are searching for business premises in Croatia

Croatia is a country located on the crossroads of Southeast and central Europe, on the Adriatic ocean. It has a population of 3,901,165 (2021 estimate) and covers an area around 56,600 sq. km, many of which is spread across an extensive group of islands all located right outside the impressively long coast of Croatia.


Croatia is the picture perfect idea of a Mediterranean summer complete with the turquoise sea, ancient cities with narrow cobbled streets and locally owned cafés at every corner.

Croatia is a common vacation spot for many Europeans, and the islands especially are brimming with boats full of families, friends and couples enjoying the warm Mediterranean climate.


The many small islands all have their different appeals, however as a common denominator, they are all home to extremely stunning landscapes. Both on land and in the water. Vigorous mountains full of small paths through intricate trees lead down the either sandy or rocky coast where the colourful scenery of the Adriatic ocean starts. Here you’ll find fish ,dolphins, sea turtles and many other beautiful species. The warm sea allows for many water activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking and windsurfing.

A famous spot to visit some of the breathtaking Adriatic hinterland nature is the park Plitvice, which is typically referred to as home of the fairies as the tiny lakes, rivers, and waterfalls most resemble something described in a fairytale. 

If you venture inwards, away from the coast, the mountains emerge, and hundreds of hiking trails reveal themselves. 


If you are a fan of nature, but would prefer a non active holiday in a charming southern european village, Croatia is also known as a country full of ancient cities well kept and maintained over the decades. Both the smaller villages and larger cities, like the capital Zagreb, take pride in still being home to many buildings and constructions from before the 1900’s. The walls guarding many of the larger cities is something quite unique to the country and definitely worth taking a stroll along. 


Throughout the centuries, Croatia has been passed between many civilisations, which has left the Croatians with a rich cultural heritage, of which they still honor to this day. It’s a beautiful example of how it's possible to be a completely updated and modern country, with respect for it’s past. Many of the locals are extremely welcoming and will take you in and show their way of living very quickly. Many express the love for the next person by sharing food and drinks, so an ideal night in Croatia would be at one of the local dinners, maybe even one you’re hosting yourself. 


The cost of living in Croatia is low in comparison to many of the other European countries, which makes settling here as an expat a lot more unproblematic. You might however want to try to learn some croatian, but isn’t that just one of the exciting parts of traveling;)


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