PremiumUser benefits for Companyspace seekers

When you upgrade to become a PremiumUser, which is an ongoing subscription, you get three benefits, that are described below.

Benefit 1: Your Companyspace seeker ad is upgraded
As a PremiumUser you get an upgraded Companyspace seeker ad, that is placed at the top of the search results and is free to request, so all landlords who have created a profile can contact you without paying for it. The upgraded Companyspace seeker ad is a very strong tool in the hunt for premises, since most landlords prefer finding a tenant directly via the Companyspace seeker search engine, rather than having a public ad. A companyspace seeker ad can be compared to creating an ad in a newspaper, but is of course a lot cheaper.

Benefit 2: You will get access to the complete company space search engine
As a PremiumUser you get access to the all company spaces in the search engine, which means that you can click from the search results to all the original sources or - if the companyspaces are created directly by users - receive the contact information to the created landlords. 

Benefit 3: You will be notified quicker about new company spaces
As a PremiumUser you receive quicker notices, when new company spaces are added to the database. You will thus have the possibility to contact the landlords quicker, which can be an important parameter in getting the lease of the premises. A Companyspace provider with an attractive premis will be contacted by a large amount of Companyspace seekers, and therefore often runs tired of the many requests. If you are among the first to contact the landlord, you can make an imporession while the landlord still has the energy.