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Frequently asked questions

Statistics on the development of available shops for rent in Belgium over the past month

Below you can see the development of available shops for rent in Belgium over the past month. In the first column you see the date. In the second column you see the total amount of shops for rent in Belgium on the date. In the third column you see the amount of new shops in Belgium that was available for rent on the date. In the fourth column you see the amount of shops in Belgium that was rented on the date. Also see aggregate statistics on all available shops in Belgium over time, aggregate statistics on new shops in Belgium over time, aggregate statistics on rented shops in Belgium over time

Date All shops for rent New shops for rent Rented out shops
2. December 2023 1515 6 17
1. December 2023 1526 47 16
30. November 2023 1495 44 42
29. November 2023 1493 8 8
28. November 2023 1493 40 52
27. November 2023 1505 7 9
26. November 2023 1507 37 0
25. November 2023 1470 20 59
24. November 2023 1509 65 66
23. November 2023 1510 58 0
22. November 2023 1452 38 58
21. November 2023 1472 45 36
20. November 2023 1463 4 6
19. November 2023 1465 12 8
18. November 2023 1461 30 46
17. November 2023 1477 35 28
16. November 2023 1470 30 4
15. November 2023 1444 9 37
14. November 2023 1472 23 26
13. November 2023 1475 9 9
12. November 2023 1475 35 19
11. November 2023 1459 35 44
10. November 2023 1468 77 60
9. November 2023 1451 61 0
8. November 2023 1390 25 20
7. November 2023 1385 61 103
6. November 2023 1427 20 59
5. November 2023 1466 387 387
4. November 2023 1466 370 0
3. November 2023 1096 22 0
2. November 2023 1074 31 0

What is a shop? 

A shop for rent is a commercial space that can be used as a business location and is designed to sell a physical product, such as clothing, appliances, groceries, etc. There are shops for rent throughout the country, but they are usually located where potential customers are, i.e., in commercial areas, shopping malls, shopping centers, or pedestrian streets.

Retail spaces can be small or large, and they can be part of a larger complex or a standalone building. A shop for rent is a retail space that you can rent by either paying an amount monthly or quarterly. There are also shops for sale, which you can purchase and, therefore, don't pay rent for.

How do you rent a shop in Belgium? 

When you're looking for a shop to rent and hopefully end up renting one, you need to go through several steps. Start by identifying your needs. Then, get an overview of the retail spaces available on the market and those coming to the market as you search.

Once you've identified relevant shop locations, contact the landlord or commercial broker for a viewing. During the viewing, ensure the retail space meets your needs for layout and use.

After the viewing, you should receive a contract. Remember to use a lawyer to check the contract.

Before starting your search for a new store for rent, it's a good idea to get a complete overview of the entire process you'll go through. You can see the process described in the Guide: How to rent a shop - The 8 most important steps, which we developed for you and others looking for shops for rent.

Get an overview of available shops for rent online 

When looking for your new shop to rent, it's crucial to get an overview of the entire market for available retail spaces. provides this comprehensive overview and makes it easy for you to find a shop location that fits your desires and needs in terms of size, price, layout, location, etc.

Whether you're looking for retail spaces for a flower shop, music store, grocery store, clothing store, electronics store, pharmacy, furniture store, bookstore, beauty and cosmetics store, sports store, toy store, goldsmith/jeweler, home electronics, health food store, shoe store, pizzeria, butcher, or something entirely different, you can quickly find relevant stores for rent on

You can easily filter your search to get an overview of retail spaces that meet your criteria. You can also set up a free automatic search agent that sends you an email whenever there's a new ad for a shop that matches your wishes and needs. This way, you save time and can simultaneously contact the landlord quickly and be one of the first if you want more information about a specific shop for rent.

We are always ready to answer your questions via email or phone, and our website is continuously being developed and improved to offer the most innovative features and services.

Find an affordable store for rent in Belgium

If you want to find a very affordable shop for rent, it's essential to put as many options into play as possible. Do this by contacting all relevant landlords and viewing all pertinent shops for rent.

After receiving the landlord's price proposal, make a counteroffer. The more retail spaces and landlords you consider, the better your chances of finding a landlord willing to rent their shop rental at a lower price.

Some retail spaces require a transfer fee 

Some stores require a transfer fee, which, in simple terms, means you have to buy the furniture and goodwill from the previous tenant of the shop location for a specified sale or transfer price. This transfer fee is paid as a one-time sum to the previous tenant upon takeover. You can then transfer the store to the subsequent tenant yourself.

When you find a retail space that requires a transfer fee, contact the owner or the broker to get more information or arrange a viewing of the store. It is essential to go through all relevant documents and terms, including the lease contract, revenue and expense statements, and any obligations towards suppliers or customers.

Once you've thoroughly assessed the store and are satisfied with the terms, you can negotiate a price and other conditions with the seller. Once an agreement is reached, a written contract should be prepared, detailing every aspect of the transfer.

It's crucial to be aware of any permissions or licenses required to run the store and ensure they are correctly transferred to you as the new owner and tenant.

Always consult with a lawyer or accountant to ensure you understand all legal and financial aspects of transferring the shop.

Choose a location for the shop where your customers are

When investigating various potential locations for your new shop, it's crucial to analyze whether your target group and potential customers are in a particular area. It might be helpful to visit an area multiple times and carefully observe people's behavior and shopping patterns. For instance, check how many people pass by the shop location you're considering and evaluate the type of customer group present.

There are significant differences between renting retail spaces on a pedestrian street, a busy main road, or a quiet residential street, and each location has its advantages and disadvantages. It's also essential to consider the neighborhood where the retail spaces are located. For instance, if your target group consists of young people, it might be ideal to choose a location near a university or an area with a high student population.

By renting retail spaces centrally, you can expect increased chances of success and quicker growth for your business. Here, you'll experience a constant influx of potential customers and maximum visibility.

To find the ideal location, it's crucial to analyze and understand the local market, identify competitive conditions, and evaluate available parking facilities. Collaborating with an experienced commercial broker or leasing consultant, who can provide valuable insight and advice based on their expertise and knowledge of the current commercial real estate market, can also be advantageous.

Investigate the other stores for rent in the area in Belgium 

During your search for a store for rent in different areas, you can gather a lot of information about a particular area by looking at the other retail spaces there.

For example, you can investigate whether there are already other stores in the area offering similar products or services to yours. If there are many competitors, attracting enough customers might be challenging unless you have a unique competitive advantage or differentiate in some way.

You should also consider whether the other shops nearby cater to the same target group as your business. If so, it could be positive, as it might attract more potential customers to the area. Having stores with different assortments appealing to the same target group can create synergies and draw customers to each other. 

Check out how the neighboring stores look. If the other retail spaces nearby are well-maintained and look professional, it can create a positive atmosphere in the area, attracting more customers in general.

Check if there are available stores for rent in the area. If many stores are vacant, it might indicate a weak market, making it easier to find suitable premises at a reasonable price. It might also be beneficial to investigate why previous stores in the area closed, providing insight into potential challenges or trends in the area.

The retail space must have the right size 

One of the biggest mistakes one can make is renting a store space of the wrong size, as it creates numerous problems down the road.

Consider the activities that will take place in the store. Will there be storage, office space, display areas, or other specific zones? Plan the necessary space for each of these activities and account for potential future expansions or changes.

Assess how many employees you expect to have in the store. Also, consider the need for extra space for meeting rooms, break areas, or other staff facilities. Ensure there is sufficient room for employees to carry out their tasks effectively.

Estimate how many customers you expect to receive daily and consider their movement around the store. Ensure there's ample space for customers to move freely and for you to showcase your products or services attractively.

If you plan to expand your business in the future, factor this into your assessment of the store's size. Consider whether there's potential to expand the space if needed.

The rental shop must have the right layout 

Before you rent a shop location, check if its layout meets your needs, both now and in the future. The layout plays a crucial role in creating the right atmosphere and attracting the right customers.

For instance, when searching for store spaces for a pop-up shop, it's vital to find spaces that match the specific concept. Visibility from the street level is essential, as it can draw passersby and increase the chances of people noticing your store. Being located in an area with other pop-up stores can also be beneficial, as it might attract an audience already keen on the pop-up shopping experience.

When renting store spaces, you should also consider factors such as size, layout, and facilities. It's important to ensure the space has enough room to present your products or services attractively. Furthermore, assess if the space has necessary facilities like restrooms, a kitchen area, or storage space, depending on your pop-up shop's needs.

Also, check if the lease includes permissions your business requires. For example, specific permissions might be necessary to run a pop-up shop at the chosen location. Regulations may vary depending on the area and the type of activities you plan to undertake.

We've created this guide: Guide to rental shop design - Create the perfect atmosphere, which delves into all the aspects you need to be aware of regarding the layout of your shop.

Choose a store for rent in a well-managed property 

There can be significant differences in how a property functions. Therefore, you should spend some time ensuring the retail space you wish to rent is located in a well-managed property, where the landlord maintains high standards concerning the property's condition.

For instance, the condition of the facade plays a crucial role in the store's branding and can influence customers' first impressions. A well-maintained facade sends a positive signal and can attract more customers.

Furthermore, it's vital to inspect the property's technical systems, including heating, ventilation, and piping. A functional and well-maintained heating and ventilation system is crucial for ensuring a comfortable indoor environment for both staff and customers. Pipes also need to be in good condition to avoid issues like leaks and water damage.

It's also essential to ensure that the service level from the building's service providers, such as property management and cleaning companies, is of high standard. Reliable and efficient service is critical to maintain a clean and well-maintained environment in the store spaces.

Check how you can market your store in Belgium

Sometimes, you can find secluded shop locations for rent that are very affordable. These spaces can often be a great deal if, despite their hidden location, you can expose them to potential customers in other ways.

An effective method to showcase your store is through visual elements and advertising materials. Place signs and banners in more prominent locations nearby, such as close to busy streets or popular attractions. These signs should be attractive and capture people's attention, leading them to your store.

You can also collaborate with other local businesses to boost visibility. This could include participating in fairs, markets, or events where you can display your products or services while increasing exposure to a broader customer base.

You can also establish a strong online presence by creating a website, engaging in local online groups, and promoting your store on social media platforms. By using digital tools, you can reach a wider audience and attract potential customers who might not be aware of your store's physical location.

Finally, excellent customer service and proper signage are also crucial. Ensure your sign is clear and visible even from a distance. And once customers are in the store, provide them with an outstanding experience, encouraging loyalty and referrals.

Find a store for rent via commercial brokers 

You can also seek the help of a commercial broker when looking for a new store space. Commercial brokers are hired by landlords to find new tenants and therefore cost you nothing to use.

When you contact a commercial broker, they typically have extensive knowledge about available stores for rent in a specific area. They are often very willing and service-oriented when showing properties and providing information, as they typically earn their commission when a store is rented out.

Moving to a new shop location i Belgium 

When you have rented a new store, and if you already have a store elsewhere, you'll need to move from one to the other. It's crucial to focus on every detail of the moving process. To help, we've developed this moving guide for you: Checklist for relocating a retail space.

Do you have shops for rent? 

If you have vacant retail spaces that you want to rent out, you should use We are used by most of Europe's shop location landlords and have a high rental rate. is Europe's leading online platform for renting retail spaces. With over 200,000 users in our database and many monthly visits from potential tenants, we are the ideal place for you to market your available shop rentals.

Our vast tenant base ensures that your ads reach a large number of potential tenants. Whether you have a small, medium, or large store for rent, there's a good chance you'll find interested tenants on Our tenants range from startups and small businesses to established stores and retail chains looking for new locations.

If you have a store for rent, you can list it directly here. You can also directly search for tenants looking for store spaces here. You're also welcome to email for quick contact. We can also provide strategic insights on pricing, requirements for potential tenants, and more.

You can read all about how to rent out a retail space in this guide we developed: 10 simple steps to successfully renting out a retail space.

Useful to know when you are searching for shop in Belgium

Belgium is a country located in western Europe bordering Germany, Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, and has a rather large coastline by the North sea. It has a population of 11,492,641 (2020 estimate) and covers around 30,689 square kilometers. 

Belgium is a rather unique country in many ways, but also for their diversity of spoken languages. Belgium doesn’t have a national language like most other European countries, they however natively speak both Dutch, French, and German, depending on where in the country you are. Apart from the languages, many of the regions are also quite diverse in their political viewpoints, which has resulted in their type of government, which is a constitutional monarchy parted into 6 rather individual governments. This way the elected political parties only govern in part of the country.

Belgium is greatly known as the country of waffles and chocolate, which helps attract several millions of tourists every year. They are even said to produce the best chocolate in the world, and you would know this if you’ve ever had a taste of it. 

They however naturally have much more to offer as a travel destination or even a potential home. Belgium has a beautiful contrast of cities and nature. The cities being cramped with narrow streets and medieval belfries, charming market squares and antique architecture overlooking urban canals, and the rural areas mainly consist of hilly forests, however if you go to the infamous Ardennes, you’ll find mountains as well along some of the most serene landscaping you’ll ever meet. In the midst of the forest-y countryside, you can encounter magical untouched castles, spectacular caves and agrarian valleys. As Belgium has had royalty since their independence from the Netherlands, and had royalty before that as well, they have plenty of intriguing castles to visit, such as the Gravensteen van Gent, Groot-Bijgaarden Castle and Gardens and hundreds of others.

The capital of Belgium is called Brussels, and is actually known as the capital of Europe as most of the European Union departments and UN headquarters are located here. Many politicians from all over Europe and the world occasionally gather here to discuss important matters.

Apart from this, the city is rather full of sights and experiences. Due to the many invaders through Belgium's time, they are now full of multiculturalism and diversity. Some musts in the city, is to visit the old working class quarter the Marolles, where a hip revolution has taken over and turned the area into a new yorker/berliner kind of perspective on traditional Belgian foods, artificials etc.

Belgians are known to be the perfect mixture of the German politeness and no-bull-shit attitude, and the fun, dramatic southern mindset. This plus the diversity of opinions and languages makes it easier to fit in as an expat than in some of the neighboring countries.