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Frequently asked questions

Statistics on the development of available warehouses for rent in Namen (region) over the past month

Below you can see the development of available warehouses for rent in Namen (region) over the past month. In the first column you see the date. In the second column you see the total amount of warehouses for rent in Namen (region) on the date. In the third column you see the amount of new warehouses in Namen (region) that was available for rent on the date. In the fourth column you see the amount of warehouses in Namen (region) that was rented on the date. Also see aggregate statistics on all available warehouses in Namen (region) over time, aggregate statistics on new warehouses in Namen (region) over time, aggregate statistics on rented warehouses in Namen (region) over time

Date All warehouses for rent New warehouses for rent Rented out warehouses
8. December 2023 29 2 2
7. December 2023 29 1 0
6. December 2023 28 4 4
5. December 2023 28 0 0
4. December 2023 28 0 1
3. December 2023 29 0 0
2. December 2023 29 0 0
1. December 2023 29 1 1
30. November 2023 29 1 1
29. November 2023 29 0 0
28. November 2023 29 3 3
27. November 2023 29 1 2
26. November 2023 30 2 2
25. November 2023 30 2 0
24. November 2023 28 1 2
23. November 2023 29 0 0
22. November 2023 29 4 3
21. November 2023 28 1 1
20. November 2023 28 2 0
19. November 2023 26 1 1
18. November 2023 26 2 5
17. November 2023 29 1 0
16. November 2023 28 0 0
15. November 2023 28 1 1
14. November 2023 28 3 3
13. November 2023 28 2 0
12. November 2023 26 3 5
11. November 2023 28 0 0
10. November 2023 28 0 0
9. November 2023 28 1 2
8. November 2023 29 0 0

What is a warehouse?

A storage space is a commercial area designed for the storage, distribution, and handling of goods and materials. There are storage spaces for rent everywhere, but they are most commonly found in industrial zones, logistics centers, and near supply chains. You can rent space in a dedicated warehouse building or in a section of a property set up for storage or depot - for example, a basement space that can be used for storage.

Storage spaces can vary in size and with different layouts, and they can exist as individual units or as part of larger storage facilities. When you rent a warehouse, you typically pay a monthly or quarterly rent to the landlord.

How do you find a warehouse for rent in Namen (region)?

The process of finding and renting a warehouse in Namen (region) typically involves several steps. First and foremost, it's important to define your requirements and needs. Then, you should explore the current market for available warehouse spaces.

Once you have identified appealing warehouse spaces in the market, you should contact landlords or real estate agents to arrange a viewing. During the viewing, you need to assess if the space meets your storage and handling requirements.

You can find a detailed guide on renting your new warehouse space through our guidance: How to Rent a Warehouse – The 8 Most Important Steps.

Find available depots for rent online in Namen (region)

The most crucial step in the search process is to get an overview of available storage spaces and warehouse halls in Namen (region). This overview can be obtained through Companyspace.com. Whether you're looking for small warehouse spaces, larger warehouse facilities, shared storage space, or private warehouses, you can easily find relevant options on Companyspace.com.

On Companyspace.com, you can easily filter your search and set up automated search agents for depots for rent, which notify you about new warehouse spaces for rent that match your criteria. This saves time and allows you to quickly contact landlords interested in a specific warehouse space.

Find an affordable storage space or depot for rent in Namen (region)

If you wish to find a cost-effective warehouse space, storage room, or logistics properties for rent in Namen (region), it's essential to involve various landlords - property companies, administrators, and commercial real estate agents - and arrange viewings of different storage facilities.

Once you've received price proposals from various landlords, you can negotiate the price by making your own offer. By involving many warehouse spaces and landlords, you increase the chances of finding a landlord willing to offer a price that fits your budget.

Remember, the price is also influenced by supply and demand. By choosing an area with many available warehouse spaces, you can increase the likelihood of obtaining a favorable price.

Choose a storage space in a well-maintained property

It's crucial for your business that the warehouse space you rent operates optimally. You need to ensure that the warehouses are situated in a well-maintained storage building with high standards regarding the property's condition.

It's essential to ensure that the property's technical installations work correctly, including lighting, ventilation, and safety equipment. Proper lighting and ventilation are vital for maintaining a safe and efficient working environment for both employees and visitors. Moreover, safety equipment should be in optimal condition to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries.

It's also highly significant to ensure that the service providers taking care of the property's maintenance, e.g., caretaking services and cleaning companies, maintain a high standard. Reliable and efficient service is crucial for creating and sustaining a clean and professional work environment in the warehouse spaces.

Find a warehouse for rent in Namen (region) of the right size and layout

When choosing your new warehouse space in Namen (region), it's vital that you ensure it meets both your current and future needs. In other words, the warehouse should be sufficiently large to accommodate the quantity of goods and materials you currently have and any expansion you may plan for in the near future.

You should also consider the layout and floor plans, as this not only affects the warehouse's capacity but also the efficiency of storing and handling your goods. If, for example, you need pallet spaces or specific storage options, it's vital to find a warehouse space that can meet these requirements.

You can read more about how to optimally set up a warehouse in this guide: Design guide: Maximize your warehouse space with these 12 steps.

Warehouse for rent in Namen (region) with a good working environment

The working environment of the warehouse is of great importance for employee well-being, productivity, and overall work quality. When choosing a warehouse focusing on the work environment, consider the following factors:

  • Location: Choose a location that is easily accessible for employees and transportation. A convenient location can reduce stress and time spent on transit.
  • Lighting: Ensure adequate natural and artificial lighting in the warehouse to provide a safe and efficient workplace.
  • Air quality: Good ventilation and air circulation are essential for maintaining a healthy warehouse environment. Poor air quality can impact employee well-being and performance.
  • Noise level: Investigate the noise level in the warehouse. High noise levels can disrupt workflow and affect concentration. Insulation and noise reduction can help minimize noise.
  • Safety: Check if the warehouse meets safety standards and has necessary emergency procedures in place.

Moving to a new storage space in Namen (region)

Once you have rented a new warehouse space in Namen (region) and are relocating, you need to meticulously organize the moving process. This involves everything from packing and transporting goods to updating addresses and contacting relevant partners.

An essential part of this process is finding a competent moving company that has the capacity and experience to assist a business like yours with warehouse relocation.

You can read more about the steps you typically need to go through when relocating a warehouse in this guide: Moving guide: Checklist for relocating a warehouse.

Do you have available logistics properties for rent in Namen (region)?

If you have available logistics properties for rent in Namen (region), you can find potential tenants through Companyspace.com, an online platform for warehouse rentals. We are utilized by property companies, administrators, commercial real estate agents, and private landlords seeking suitable tenants for their warehouse spaces.

With a database of more than 200,000 registered users and a large number of daily visitors looking for warehouse spaces to rent, advertising your available spaces can reach a wide target group of potential tenants. Whether it's small startups or established businesses needing storage, you can find your next tenant here.

You can post an ad for your warehouse spaces or search for tenants directly on our website. You're also welcome to contact us via email at vip@companyspace.com for more information or assistance.

You can read more about the steps you typically need to go through when leasing out warehouse spaces in this guide: Rent out your warehouse spaces in 10 simple steps.