Recruitment in Denmark

If your business is to expand to Denmark, you may not only need new premises but also new employees. Here is a short guide for recruiting in Denmark.
13. November 2022 | Author: Sara Petersen

Are you looking for new employees in Denmark?

If your business is to expand to Denmark, you may not only need new premises but also new employees. Here is a short guide for recruiting in Denmark.

When talking about recruitment of new employees in Denmark, it is important to emphasize that there is one thing that is more important than recruitment, namely retention of the existing skilled employees. It costs an extremely large amount of money to hire and train new employees for relevant work in most industries, so retaining existing employees should always be the primary goal.

Having said that, recruiting the right employees is the most important process for a company's "health" and growth. As an organisation, you have to be extremely sharp about what precise competences and human qualities are needed to be able to carry out the various tasks and responsibilities in the organisation.

There are several different ways to approach recruitment, and there is not one list of facts that suits all companies. However, there are still some general advice and recommendations that can be good to have with you:

1. Make a clear and precise job description.

As a company, you must be completely clear on the skills and characteristics needed to solve the various tasks. It is not always easy to be precise, but it is crucial to finding the right candidate. Remember to also tell in your job ad why it is great to be in your company, so that you can attract the right applicants. See advice on how to write a good job advertisement here.

2. Be clear about what personality type is being sought

As a company, you must also be completely aware of which personality fits best into the company. It is not only the professional competences that are decisive, but also the personality.

3. Create a structured recruitment process

It is very important that you as a company create an extremely structured recruitment process so that you do not end up hiring the wrong person or overlooking the right person in the crowd. A structured recruitment process allows you to examine all relevant candidates both on the negative and positive side.

When you are looking for a profile, it is important that you or the HR department have made a clear analysis of which CV you would like the applicant to have and what skills the the application must contain.

You can often advantageously use a recruitment agency for the process.

4. Find the right recruitment channel.

There are many different recruitment channels, and not all are suitable for all companies. You have to consider where the potential candidates are located and what type of employee you are looking for. Do you have to use networks, job ads, recruitment agency, social media or any other way.

5. Complete a thorough background check

A thorough background check is also essential, as you do not want to hire someone who is not honest about their past experience or background. A thorough background check may include obtaining a criminal record and dialogue with former colleagues and bosses.

6. Have a good interview

Once you have found the candidate who best matches the company, it is crucial that you hold a good interview. In the interview, you must focus on finding out how the person works in reality, and not just on paper. This is done through a series of questions designed for the individual job and job description

7. Make it clear what is expected

It is crucial that you as a company make it clear what is expected of the new employee both on a personal level and on an educational level. The employee must have a clear expectation of which work tasks must be solved and how the company functions. The biggest mistake you can make in the recruitment process is to hire people under false pretenses, because you can be sure that you will get a bad process that ends up with the employee quitting again - and you lose a lot of money.

8. Remember to take references

Once you have found the right candidate for the job, it is extremely important to take references. Through references, where you talk to former bosses and colleagues, you actually get the most precise insight into the candidate's strengths and weaknesses. You should actually ask to be allowed to talk to references that the candidate has not given up, because it is the best way to gain insight into who the candidate is. Unfortunately, there are many companies that do not get proper references taken on their employees.

9. Put together a good employment package

A good employment package helps to ensure that the employee stays with the company for a longer period of time. It is therefore important that the package is attractive and that it matches the employee's skills and experience.

10. Follow up on the appointment

It is not enough to hire the right person. You must also make sure to follow up on the appointment and ensure that the new employee is integrated into the company in the right way. It is important that the employee feels welcome and that there is room to develop. If you do not follow up on the appointment, you risk that the new employee does not thrive and quits again - and you lose a lot of money.

11. Keep in good contact with the applicants who are not hired

It is very important to have good contact with the applicants who are not employed, as they may well be interested in the company at a later stage. They may also have good contacts that the company can use.

12. Recruitment of employees

Recruiting new employees is extremely difficult. Today, it is difficult to find the right employees, and it is even more difficult to get them hired. There are many reasons for this, but two factors in particular come into play: Firstly, there is great competition for the best candidates, and secondly, there are many different ways of recruiting.

It is therefore important that companies are clear about what type of employee they are looking for and which recruitment channel is most effective for finding this type of employee.

There are many different ways to recruit, and there are advantages and disadvantages to all methods. Some methods are more effective than others, so it is important to choose the one.

Even the best and most professional HR people cannot make an optimal hire every time.

13. Effective recruitment

It can be difficult to make an effective recruitment, but it is important to remember that effective recruitment requires systematic and time. If you do not do effective recruitment and use systematics and time, it can easily give a bad result.

There are several different mistakes that recruitment departments can make, but some of the most common are:

1. That they do not familiarize themselves well enough with who their ideal candidate is.

2. That they do not communicate clearly and clearly what is expected of the position in question. 3. That they don't take the time to get to know the applicants they meet better. 4. That they do not make enough effort to find the best candidates for the vacant positions. 5. That they do not follow up on the applicants they have met and give them feedback.

14. What is recruitment?

Recruitment is the process of attracting and hiring qualified employees. This can be done through internal or external recruitment. Internal recruitment is when the company hires employees from within the company, while external recruitment is when the company hires employees from outside the company.

Recruitment can have many consequences for a company if it is not done correctly. If a company does not recruit the right employees, it can lead to poorer productivity, higher costs, poorer customer service and poorer work ethic.

15. Recruitment Denmark

There are many good opportunities for recruiting in [Denmark. You can recruit employees in several different ways, and it is important to find the recruitment method that best suits your needs. You can recruit employees through advertising, headhunting, or you can use social media.

When you have to recruit employees, it is important to have a good recruitment strategy. You must have a plan for how you want to proceed and what skills you are looking for. You must also have a plan for how you will communicate with the potential employees and how you will make your company attractive to them.

It is also important to have a good HR department that can help you recruit the best employees.

16. What does recruitment mean?

Recruitment is the process by which companies search for and hire new employees. Recruitment may involve advertising positions, conducting job interviews and employment clarification.

Recruitment is an important part of every company, as it is through recruitment that companies can secure the best employees.

In order to secure the best employees, it is important that companies carry out a thorough and professional recruitment process.

A thorough recruitment process will ensure that the company gets the most suitable employees for the vacant positions.

A professional recruitment process implies that the company uses the right tools and methods to find the best employees.

In order to ensure a thorough and professional recruitment process, companies can use different tools and methods.

Some of the most popular tools and methods that can be used for recruitment are:

- Advertising of positions on job sites and in the media

- Conducting job interviews

- Employment clarification

- Using social media to find candidates

- Use of recruitment agencies

17. How do you get help with recruitment?

There are many ways you can get help with recruitment. You can hire a recruitment company or you can do it yourself. If you do, you can start by making a list of the skills you want the employees to have. You can then search for candidates on social media or on job portals.

Once you have found some candidates, you can ask them to send an application and CV. You can also ask them to come for an interview. At the interview, you can ask questions about their skills and experience. You can also ask them to tell you about a time when they have demonstrated their skills.

If you hire a recruitment company, they will help you find the best candidates for your jobs. They will also help you complete the interviews.

It is important to have a good recruitment strategy because it can help ensure that you hire the best employees. It is also important to have a good recruitment strategy because it can help save you time and money.


Recruiting the right employees is the most important process for a company's "health" and growth. As an organisation, you must be extremely keen on what precise competencies and human qualities are needed to be able to carry out tasks, work, jobs, jobs and responsibilities in the organisation. This applies to all companies and thus also to companies that have to do recruitment.

When carrying out a recruitment, it is extremely important that you have a recruitment process that attracts the right candidates with the right industry experience. And when you have hired the hopefully right candidates, you must retain and develop them and offer them relevant training. If you are not completely in control of the recruitment process, you should use a recruitment agency to take care of parts or the whole process.

Recruitment agencies in Denmark

If you want to see recruitment agencies in Denmark then click on the menu at the top of and search by geography and specialties in the menu on the left, if you need to get help from a recruitment agency to fill your vacancies.

There are many recruitment agencies in Denmark. When you choose a recruitment agency, you must be aware that the recruitment agency you choose has knowledge of your industry and has in-depth knowledge of what the requirements are for the employee or employees you are looking for. If possible, you should choose a recruitment agency, as it is always good to work with local partners.

There are recruitment companies and recruitment agencies all over the country, but they are very focused in the big cities like Copenhagen, Aalborg, Odense, Aarhus. There are also many recruitment agencies on Zealand. But use the search function on if you want to see if there are suitable recruitment agencies.

Whether you are looking for candidates who are specialists, e.g. engineer, recruitment of IT people and IT specialists or salespeople, or if you are looking for managers or other types of employees with other career descriptions, it may be a good idea to use a recruitment agency if you want to make an effective appointment.

Job advertisements and job postings

If you want the best candidates and potential employees to apply for your vacancy, it is crucial that you formulate an attractive and inviting job ads or job ads. With a good job advertisement or job posting, you can create interest among the right candidates and get them to apply - send an application and CV - your vacancies.

When you create a job posting or a job advertisement for one of your available jobs, it is important that you advertise your workplace properly. Also always remember to give people the option to create a job agent so that they receive notification of new vacancies.

The job portal

The job portal, job portals, job database, job database, job lists. Dear child has many names. We are of course talking about where you as a company should post your job advertisements. There are several job portals in Denmark, but the largest job portal in the country is, which is therefore also the  jobportal for you to use who recruits in Denmark. has all positions in the country in its database and is used by many Danes in their job search and when they want to move on in their career. Companies can therefore, in connection with their recruitment, post all types of positions, notices, advertisements and vacancies on, including internships, full-time jobs, jobs for students. It is completely free to post positions on

When you, as a company, post a position, all the jobseekers who have created a relevant job agent receive notification of this.