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Companyspace in Luxembourg

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Useful to know when you are searching for business premises in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe, located right in the sweet spot between Belgium, Germany and France. It’s home to 633,622 inhabitants of many different nationalities. Because of the small size it takes part in many of the neighboring countries’ cultures and traditions and can easily be compared to them. 


However Luxembourg is in many ways a unique country, and has plenty to offer to people visiting or settling. It’s for instance one of the four official capitals of the European Union, which means politicians and officials gather a few times a year to negotiate and legislate. 

Because of this many people working in this sector choose to settle in Luxembourg.


The beauty of the small country is not to be overlooked though. Luxembourg is by many referred to as a fairytale country. The cobbled streets cradled in centuries old trees and apartment buildings constructed in the 1800’s proves this idea right. Unfortunately though, since the devastating destruction made in WWII, Luxembourg has had to repair and rebuild thousands of constructions in the following years. A lot of the smaller villages escaped the destruction and some of the buildings from before the war still decorate the streets of the larger cities like the capital, called Luxembourg city.


Some examples of sites still remaining intact are the castle Château de Vianden, located in the north, gracing the surrounding mountains and hills with a sense of royalty and charm. Another great example is the 9 Unesco World Heritage sites, six of which are located in the capital. They include a variety of walks and biking tours around the old town and other beautifully maintained relics of the past, despite the atrocious damage they suffered from during WWII. As you walk these paths, up and down the walls carrying the city formed like a middle age village in a fantasy movie, you’ll be met by friendly people, cafés full of freshly baked pastries, and last but not least, wineries. 


Luxembourg is one of the countries consuming the most wine per person per year, which is impressive for a country not instinctively connected to the drink. They have filled the small area with hundreds of vineyards and wineries. 


Apart from the wine consumption, Luxembourg is ranked eminently well in wealth, job security and safety, in fact the country ranks as the number 1 country of the world concerning Household net wealth. This, along other great rankings (according to OECD studies) makes up a great foundation for the general life quality.


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