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Companyspace in Czech Republic

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Useful to know when you are searching for business premises in Czech Republic

Czech Republic is a country located in the middle of Europe with a population of 10,701,777 (2021 estimate) and an area of 78,871 sq. km. It’s bordered by Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia. 


Czech Republic is known for many things, like the beer Budweiser, which was originally created there, the car brand Škoda, and their large numbers of castles spread across the country. 

The country has a rich history dating back to the old stone age, where archeologists have found proof of human settlement. Czech Republic has since then been home to hundreds of different civilizations, many of which thought castles were very in, and decided to build as many as possible. Some of the oldest castles still remaining somewhat intact, and renovated date back to before the first century. The oldest one is located in the heart of Prague and the first walls are said to have been started in 870. Prague castles, like the many others built in the following centuries, provide the country with a fairytale-like appearance. The tall spears, rounded wooden doors carved with stunning details are some of the many reasons why the country is definitely worth visiting or settling in.


The capital, Prague, is filled with other charming architectural pieces from the past. Small apartment blocks with detailed ledges line up besides the narrow streets. The city has a lot to offer, and since the fall of communism in 1989, the country, and capital have blossomed like a delicate flower emerging from a crack in concrete. Prague is now one of the most visited cities of Europe and is even often compared to the iconic European city of Paris in many factors, except for perhaps the beer, which is probably some of the best in Europe.


The czech people take great pride in their beer, and even claim to be home to some of the greatest breweries of the world. You can taste for yourself if this is based on truth at Pilsner Urquell Brewery, The Strahov Monastic Brewery, or even the official Budweiser brewery. 


Czech Republic is additionally known for their love and respect of local folklores and traditions. Even though they are a very modern, progressive and forward-thinking country, these traditions and folklores have great importance for the communities. Take for example the summer festival season in South Bohemia and Moravia, where people gather from all corners of the country to enjoy a shared culture while belting out ancient songs in unison, dancing traditional dances, eating delicious traditional treats etc.


Czech Republic is quite an accessible place to settle in as an expat because of the low cost of life in general, multicultural population and as a bonus, a high standard healthcare system. 


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