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Commercial space in Liechtenstein

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Useful to know when you are searching for business premises in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is the 6th smallest country in the world with an area of not even 0,5 It has a population of around 38,896 (2020 estimate). 


The small country is located between Austria and Switzerland in a lovely mixture of mountain ranges and rivers like the Rhine, running through the valleys and defining the west border of the country.


Apart from being so small Liechtenstein has made itself notable in Europe by being what one could call a real fairytale nation, with alps crowned by pointy and intricate castles and a monarch partly governing the country. 

The most famous castle of them all is called Schloss Vaduz and operates as the official residence of the Prince of Liechtenstein. Located on a ledge with a theatrical backdrop of snowy mountains, the castle is more than inviting, however they only accept visitors inside of  the walls on the country’s national day (August 15th).


The nature of Liechtenstein is also one of the reasons tourists decide to visit the small country. The mountains and valleys allow many outdoor activities like hiking and mountain biking in the summer and skiing in the winter. The number of both trails and slopes are remarkably high for such a small country.


The culture resembles the neighbouring countries a lot, yet with small differences and special traditions connecting the inhabitants. The country takes a lot of pride in their culinary heritage. The national dish is called Käsknöpfle and consists of a dough, served with local cheese, onions and apple puree. Yet the country is probably best known for Ribel, a dish made of corn and wheat, which has always been a valuable source of energy in the area.

An assortment of restaurants, mostly located in the capital and largest city Vaduz, but some also located in the more rural areas offer a taste of the country.


In Vaduz, you also have the opportunity to shop, work and live a comfortable city life amongst the western, more flat part of Liechtenstein.


Because of the size, everywhere in Liechtenstein is rather accessible, and you can easily take a bus to both Austria and Switzerland. Even though there is no international airport inside of the borders, the closest one located in Zurich, is just a 1,5 hours car ride away from Vaduz, and has connections to all over the world, even crossing the Atlantic.


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