is a high end service

The Service is a business-to-business service, and is therefore only for commercial use. Our users only want to rent business premises from companies, and they only want to let business premises to companies. This means that you must represent a company in order to use the service. You are not permitted to use the Service as a private person or for private purposes.

The Service gives Companyspace Seekers an overview of vacant business premises in the EU, and gives the Landlords an overview of Company Seekers that are actively searching for business premises in the EU.

A central part of The Service is a company space search engine, which is partially created by robot crawling and indexing of many hundereds of websites, containing thousands of business premises, many times daily.

With this service a constantly updated overview with vacant business premises is delivered, where paying users get access to the whole database. This means that companyspace seekers from the whole world looking for new company spaces in European countries saves a lot of time that should otherwise be used to find all relevant websites and constantly search these for new company spaces.

Our goal is to gather as many business premises as possible and to make the search engine as complete as possible, to give our users as comprehensive an overview of vacant business premises as possible. The business premises in the Search Engine come from all different kind of sources that we see as satisfactory. It is emphasized that generally there is no agreement about crawling with the landlords which we refer to.

We emphasize, which is also described in our Terms of use, that errors in the search engine may occur. See the description of the reasons for errors here. On all business premises there is a reporting feature, where users can report data errors in the business premise, or report if the source that is linked to does not work.

We of course describe all aspects of The Service in our Terms of use, but in addition, we want to emphasize the following aspects of our service:

1: That the product of the Service always is in subscription form, and that the subscription starts with a shorter period of 2 days and then run 7 days at a time until the subscription is cancelled. This is for example stated on all pages and on the ordering page. The Terms of use, where the subscription product is clearly described, must be confirmed two times in order to be able to purchase the product (on the page where the user register an account and on the page where the purchase is made).
2: Where the business premises in the search engine come from. This is stated via a link in the menu in the top and in the menu at the bottom of the page.

3: What the content of the PremiumUser product for Companyspace Seekers is. This is stated in the menu at the bottom of the page.
4: If special circumstances apply for a business premise. In these cases the special circumstanses are written directly on the given business premise. The user also need to confirm that he/she have understood the special circumstanses via a pop up to be able to continue.
5: That the Service is only for commercial use. This is stated for example on the top of all pages, on the user creation page and on the ordering page.

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