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Offices in Warsaw

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Warsaw is the capital and biggest city of Poland with 1,794,166 inhabitants (2020). It’s located in eastern Poland, and covers around 500 square km.


Warsaw if often referred to as a phoenix of the eastern Europe, as it has been through ghastly periods like in the WWII as they were invaded by the Nazis. However they have shown incredible resilience and have since then rebuilt a beautiful society with contemporary style and sheer joie de vivre. 


Warsaw was the royal capital for many centuries, which means there are plenty of gorgeous castles, palaces and parks in the area. It’s even called Poland’s Versailles. Because of the destructive past, some of the historic architecture has been destroyed, however Poland succeeded in maintaining some of the structures, and renovating them afterwards, which means the galleries, churches and other construction left from before the war has been given a lot of attention and love. 


Poland is also quite proud of the art scene in Warsaw, which was greatly known around the world before WWII, but also found a creek in the concrete and blossomed up, almost even more beautiful and soul-touching than before.

One of Poland’s most dearest artists and musicians is Chopin, whose music is now played in nightly recitals all over town. A lot of the music and art has evolved into a more contemporary style.


The gastronomic scene of Warsaw is equally contemporary, yet with roots in the traditional polish cuisine. Restaurants serving advanced molecular gastronomy fill the streets, right next to small bakeries where pastries are made following recipes passed down through generations.


Warsaw has a lot to offer on many spectrums both culturally, artistically, gastronomically etc. Combined with the affordable housing market, Warsaw is a great choice for expats looking for a place in Poland or just eastern Europe to settle..


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