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Need a new accommodation in Europe?

Thursday 27. October 2022

No matter where in Europe you are seeking a rental with this search engine you will be able to discover the right housing solution for you or your family. Discover available apartments all over the continent within seconds. No matter if you want to rent houserent apartment or another accommodation.


Moving to Europe?

You might be looking into moving to Europe, because you got a professional opportunity or are a student and want to study in Europe, and want to explore more. It can be difficult to figure out how other countries work and how to thrive and find the right rental home for you in it.

You might think that the best way is by using a service that helps for short periods but it is smarter and cheaper to look for long-term rentals since you can save large amounts of money that way. By using the long-term rent solution, you normally have a wider field of options. So, find your home for rent with the goal of having a long-term rental. If it is long term housing or a long term apartment doesn’t matter too much in that case, but never forget to read through the agreement cautiously and consult a lawyer to make sure you are on the safe side. Particularly in student friendly cities, studio apartments are often found and are popular. But make no mistake, the studio rent can be similar prices as another flat in these of cities. A flat for rent is however more difficult to get one’s hands on, especially if you are a student.


Search for your new accommodation the right way!

If you look for rental homes in Europe, you should add the specific city name e.g. Apartment in Paris. You can also search with a certain feature such as cheap apartments for rentstudio rentals or cheap houses for rentApartments for rent are in cities the most common for of living estate type. For students it might be rooms for rent though. So, no matter if you look for rental housing or student housing, you can find the right housing options in Europe.