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Alternative way to own in Denmark

Tuesday 25. October 2022

Fancy moving to Denmark? A modern way to live in Denmark is by partly owning. Co-owning in a housing cooperative is particularly in big cities such as Copenhagen normal. You buy and therefore own part of the apartment, besides that you also have to pay rent, but much less than usually. This is a good way to allow younger people to own their bit of real estate.

Co-operative housing in Jylland

Maybe you would like to move to Jylland on the west side of Denmark. But then you should look in the biggest cities. Look for co-operative housing in Aalborg, co-operative housing in Aarhus or co-operative housing in Horsens.

In and around Copenhagen

In Copenhagen it might make sense to make a quick search for co-operative housing Copenhagen, co-operative housing for sale or cooperative housing in Frederiksberg or even co-operative housing Amager. Outside of Copenhagen you can also search for co-operative residence in Roskilde.

Bests of luck with finding your Andelsbolig!