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Offices in Brussel

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Brussels is not only the capitol of Belgium but also the unofficial capitol of the European Union, as it hosts a large number of the principal institutions of the EU. These are all located in the so-called European Quarter of Brussels.
As a result of the EU’s large presence, the population of Brussels is highly diverse. As much as 46% of the population of Brussels is from outside of Belgium.
This presence furthermore helps create and attract a lot of companies and thereby jobs to the city, as the institutions draw in, either employed directly or employed by representatives, around 50.000 people. A further 20.000 people work in the city due to the presence of the many EU institutions and an additional 2000 foreign companies employing around 80.000 people are also drawn to the city.

As well as the modern and more contemporary architecture of for example the European Quarter with the institutional buildings of the EU, Brussels is also known for its historical and architectural landmarks, many of which are registered on the UNESCO World Heritage Lists. Among the main attractions are the Royal Grand Palace, Manneken Pis, Atomium and many more.

Brussels is also well known for its cuisine and gastronomy. It is characterized by the combination of French cuisine with the more hearty Flemish fare. When talking about the Belgian cuisine some things must be mentioned, including the local waffles, the chocolate and especially the Belgian beer.

Famous shopping areas in Brussels include the pedestrian street Rue Neuve/Nieuwstraat, which is the second largest shopping street in Belgium.


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Prices on business premises in Brussel depends on factors such as size and location. Click here to see prices on business premises in Brussel.