154 m2 commercial space for rent in Rotterdam Prins Alexander, Rotterdam

Photo provided by Google Street View and may be inaccurate:
  • 1358585
  • Commercial space
  • 154 m2
  • 37,200 EUR
  • 3,100 EUR
  • 241.56 EUR

Commercial real estate for rent, Rotterdam Prins Alexander, Rotterdam, Andries Copierhof, The Netherlands

Information og data

This company space that can be used as Commercial space, is located on Andries Copierhof in Rotterdam Prins Alexander. Rotterdam Prins Alexander is located in the municipality , which is located in Rotterdam. The company space is 154 m2 in total. The company space was created on our service on the 24.2.2023, but may have been deactivated and then reactivated again. You can rent this company space for 37,200 EUR per year.  


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